Melanie Griffith told about their illness

Мелани Гриффит рассказала о своей болезни
The actress made a shocking confession.

Мелани Гриффит рассказала о своей болезни

Melanie Griffith


Recently 60-year-old
Melanie Griffith was struck by his fans, telling them, that is a
time ago, her doctors diagnosed a very serious diagnosis.

As told
Melanie, it all started when she was
the lawful wife of Antonio Banderas. Once, during a family holiday on a yacht
off the coast of France, she suddenly felt ill. Then, absolutely
suddenly, she started having terrible cramps. The yacht landed and called the ambulance
Griffith was taken to the hospital. There she was assisted and then returned to
yacht. But soon the convulsions were repeated, and then again and again… When Melanie
detail was examined, the doctors came to the conclusion that the actress
began epilepsy!

Griffith, this misfortune happened to her from overwork and lack of sleep. “I
understand almost any working woman. Husband, children — all of them need your attention.
Farming also requires a lot of time. And all this — in addition to a career… eventually
time to sleep is almost gone. I didn’t get enough sleep, probably, thirty years. I
absolutely knocked myself sleep schedule. And accumulated from all this stress has led to
my disease…” — said the actress.

But the most
striking thing about this story is that the last three years, according to Melanie,
she has not had a single attack! And
Griffith found a very unusual explanation of this “miracle”. She believes that her
help … divorce! As soon as Griffith decided to part with his
spouse Antonio Banderas, with whom she lived for almost 20 years, the attacks
stopped! But the eldest daughter Melanie — the actress Dakota Johnson was afraid that her mom from the experience
exacerbated her craving for alcohol, with which it fought in the past. Just
on the contrary: after the divorce, Melanie, strangely enough,
cheered and started to enjoy life.

Melanie Griffith and Dakota Johnson