Melanie Griffith said that she thinks about the adult lover of his daughter

Мелани Гриффит рассказала, что она думает о взрослом любовнике своей дочери
The actress commented on the novel Dakota Johnson with Chris Martin.

Мелани Гриффит рассказала, что она думает о взрослом любовнике своей дочери

Melanie Griffith and Dakota Johnson


Chris Martin


Despite the fact that the star of “50 shades of grey” 28-year-old Dakota Johnson — the beginning
to date Chris Martin last autumn, until recently, Melanie Griffith
kept silent about the affair of his daughter with 41-year-old musician
ex-husband of Gwyneth Paltrow, the lead singer of Coldplay.
However, recently Melanie decided to finally
to speak on this subject. In response to the question as it refers to Martin,
the actress said with enthusiasm: “I just love it!” However, to tell you more
about how the relationship of Chris and her daughter, Griffith refused. “Dakota
very jealously guard their privacy…” said Melanie.

Interestingly, the father of Dakota, ex-husband of Melanie — don Johnson — for a long time
explained what he thinks about Roman’s daughter. “You apparently think that is the problem, not
it? I don’t think so. She’s a big girl, and somehow can understand
with all myself!” he said in response to
questions attacked his reporters.

Recall the Roman actress and former
husband, Paltrow began in October 2017, when they saw
together at a party in Los Angeles. About a month later
the paparazzi photographed the Dakota in Argentina, where it turned out to be secretly
went with Chris in the framework of its concert tour. In December last year
they’re in the company of friends in common made
a trip to Paris. At the beginning of this year, the rocker staged his beloved
date at the restaurant Soho House. Hunt down their reporters noticed that
the lovers arrived together in a jeep with Chris, and at the end of the party,
left alone in the same car in the side of the house Martin.