Мелани Гриффит спивается от одиночества
The actress complains that for the first time left completely alone.

Мелани Гриффит спивается от одиночества

Melanie c Griffith daughter Stella

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Melanie Griffith in an interview with reporters said, she is going through a rough
time. According to the actress, she can no longer pretend to be happy. Black streak, which began after Griffith was decided to terminate your marriage
with Antonio Banderas, is still not over. Not managed to dull the pain of divorce, to the old experiences new. The fact is that now the actress has left all
one, because her youngest daughter went to study in another city…

“I’m trying to understand
in itself. At first glance, I like all good. My children grew up, they made
lovely people. But I am alone and suffer from loneliness. I am very sad, and I
I feel that I’m confused with my own emotions…” — admitted the actress.

For many years the only way Melanie to cope with emotions was alcohol and drugs. She was put in rehabilitation clinics, attended courses on liberation from addiction, tried to fight addiction with the help of therapists, hypnotists and even mediums. In the first years of marriage with Banderas, Griffith was “clean”, then experienced several failures, and then began to abuse plastic surgery. Later she said she just replaced one addiction for another.

The marriage of Melanie and Antonio, seemingly ideal, according to close friends of Banderas, one of them not were: “All in the family was arranged is not so. It was a family, consisting of parent and child. The child was not Antonio and Griffith with her emotional instability. Gentle men’s care, which, she boasted to reporters, over the years has become burdensome guardianship: in the last years of marriage to Banderas had to literally babysit the wife, as a small child. It is not surprising that the divorce was for Melanie a terrible blow.

And that’s just broken another tie Melanie and Antonio: their 19 – year-old daughter
Stella chose a school away from home. Judy became a student
The University Of South Carolina. Now she will live in the Dorm. So for
me, everything changed: for the first time in my house will no longer be children…” said Griffith.

The Stella Melanie is
two fully grown adult children. Elder Alexander — from his marriage to
actor Steven Bauer — 30. Daughter Dakota (with don Johnson) which
became an actress and has already become famous thanks to roles in “50 shades
gray” is 26 years old. So they are no longer
live at home. But their departure from the parental home, Melanie has experienced easier: she had a caring husband and youngest daughter goes to school. Now the nest is empty finally, and near Griffith there was no one who could keep her from returning to old habits. However, Melanie does not get tired to calm the press, and especially their own children, who do not hide their concern about her that is still “clean”. However, this only applies to drugs.

However, the 58-year-old Melanie
still trying to stay optimistic: she hopes to find a new
boyfriend. But to use the services of online Dating sites the actress is afraid. “In any case!
It’s so scary!” — Griffith responded to the proposal to look for
the buddy “online”. “If I’m going to find a new friend, he is there and without
this…” — says Melanie.

Dakota Johnson, however, does not believe in the sincerity of this optimism, still believing that with Melanie if anything happens, then the entire burden of guilt for the misfortune will fall on Antonio Banderas.

Melanie Griffith

Photo: Splash News/East news

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