Мелани из «Унесенных ветром» отметила 100-летие

Olivia De Havilland, who played the happy rival Scarlett O’hara is the oldest living actors of the legendary film.

It is believed that to die in the frame – a bad sign for an actor. But Olivia De Havilland denies it. The actress who played the wife of Ashley Wilkes, which went crazy the main character, July 1, marked the 100th anniversary!

At the time of the filming of Gone with the wind Olivia was 23, and she already had a pretty solid filmography. She played about 40 film credits, and two, in pictures “to Each his own” (1946) and “the Heiress” (1949), received the award “Oscar”. Interestingly, among her heroines were crowned our compatriot: in the film “Anastasia: the Mystery of Anna” Havilland played the Empress Maria Feodorovna.

Now the actress lives in Paris. Since 1988, she starred in the movie, but sometimes appears at social events. Olivia is the last of the living Hollywood divas of the era of the 30’s. Her name is also associated with the fight against the Hollywood system. In 1944, she filed a lawsuit against Warner Bros for wrongful renewal of its contract. The actress managed to win the case and create a precedent, which has given the law, which is now called by her name – “Havilland law”.

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Personal life Olivia was no less eventful. She had Affairs with outstanding men of his time: film Director John Huston, actor James Stewart and a millionaire-Aviator Howard Hughes. The actress had two marriages. The first time she got married in 1946, for the writer Marcus Goodrich, with whom she lived for seven years. They had a son Benjamin, who died at the age of 42 from Hodgkin’s disease. Second husband was the journalist Pierre Galante, the marriage lasted 24 years, it daughter, Giselle.

The secret of longevity Olivia’s obvious good genetics. Her younger sister, actress Joan Fontaine, star of Hitchcock movies “Rebecca” and “Suspicion”, too long: she died in 2013 at the age of 96 years. By the way, the rivalry between the divas has gone so far that at some point they stopped to chat. Hollywood of the 30’s was harsh.

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