Мелани Браун будет лечиться от алкоголизма и секс-зависимости

Ex-soloist of Spice Girls Melanie brown took their health and appearance. Despite the difficult divorce from film producer Stephen Belafonte Mel showed excellent appearance on the walk of fame in Los Angeles. And now, the star reported that specifically took up the health and in September plans to undergo treatment for alcoholism and sex addiction.

Мелани Браун будет лечиться от алкоголизма и секс-зависимости

In the story for the newspaper the Sun, Melanie said that the last six months have been particularly difficult. Divorce it was pretty exhausting, and taking a Brutally Honest autobiography has caused her a lot of unpleasant memories. “It was a painful experience, I again and again experienced all those problems faced — from his father’s death to my relations with men. I confess I drank to numb the pain. But this is only the way by which many people try to hide from what’s happening around. Yes, sometimes I find it difficult to cope with all the emotions that I felt. But with booze and sex became unimportant,” — said the singer of The Sun.

Melanie recently managed to survive post-traumatic stress disorder. All thanks to a therapy called EMDR, which is the principle experience unpleasant and painful moments during which patients learn to cope with them. In the next few weeks, the singer plans to carry out the treatment at a clinic in the UK. “I found myself in a crisis situation. But I’m working on becoming the best version of myself for my children, for my family and for all the people who supported me,” says brown.

Recall that the gap for the former member of Spice Girls was very painful. She even said that her former husband Stephen Belafonte showed videos of three of her daughters are members of the “Islamic state” beheaded people.

“Steven thought to show these videos (he was doing it when I wasn’t home) — quite amusing or instructive (still can’t understand). This, in my opinion, was completely unacceptable. My 10-year-old daughter angel was telling me about these videos and said that she was scared,” she said and added that he was forced to record a daughter to a specialist.

The eldest daughter of the stars, 19-year-old Phoenix, confirmed the mother’s statement. “He forced us to watch as people were beheaded, while we were all in the kitchen and he was cooking,” said Phoenix. In addition, she stated that the 42-year-old Belafonte was quite aggressive toward younger children: “If angel or Maddie broke the rules, for example, communicated at the time when he was on the phone, he literally yelled at them,” she confessed.