Мелани Браун счастлива в новых отношениях

Мелани Браун счастлива в новых отношениях

Known 44-year-old singer Melanie brown has two years is in a romantic relationship with his Barber Rory McPhee. However, to officially announce their relationship the couple does not intend to. The media reported that the singer was finally happy with a man from her close friends.

According to friends of the singer, Melanie deliriously happy with Rory, her face smile when he’s around. The fact that they are together now — a big accident, but that doesn’t matter when two people love each other.

Young people introduced the cousin of the singer Christian Cooke. In fact, he advised his cousin a good stylist, and later, their professional relationship grew into something more. About Rory knows very little information. The young man only 31 years old and he works as a stylist on various television shows in the United States, he also has his personal beauty.

To think of marrying Melanie doesn’t even want, and for good reason. She still cannot move away from their past failed relationships. Recall that the first husband of the singer became the producer Stephen Belafonte. 10 years lasted their marriage and in 2016, the woman filed for divorce. The cause of the breakup, brown has pointed out, violence, physical and moral. The doctors confirmed that the singer is in a severe post traumatic stress condition from which she is trying to get rid of to this day. Melanie gave an interview in which where her ex husband cuts off her finger.

One day she fled down the stairs and screamed that she had no fingers, it seemed to her that her ex-husband has cut it. And all because one day he threatened her to do it. Her for a long time tried to calm the mother and argued that finger in place and all is well. The singer is trying to understand what all was in the past, and these horrible nightmares just a game to her brain, which is still in need of professional help of psychologists.

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