Melania trump started a friendship online with Barack Obama

Мелания Трамп завела дружбу в интернете с Бараком Обамой

Melania trump, the first lady of the United States, in spite of her husband started an Internet friendship with former President Barack Obama. Melania subscribed to account in Barack twitter. It could not fail to notice the users of the network, because only the wife of the incumbent President five subscriptions.

Мелания Трамп завела дружбу в интернете с Бараком Обамой

When trump signed up for an account Barack Obama is not known, but most likely, she did it to revenge the husband for adultery. Donald is not just negatively commented on the policies of his predecessor, openly showing his dislike.

This is not the first time Melania showed his resentment at her husband. At the weekend Donald and Melania trump with son Barron flew to Florida to relax on his estate Mar-a-Lago in palm beach. There they were waited already by the eldest daughter of President Ivanka with husband Jared Kushner and children. The first lady refused to be photographed with her husband. Getting off the plane, she was “stone face” sure step went to the car, beating a spouse. He stayed himself, and waved to the cameras. According to tradition, the couple had to stop and greet meet their staff and reporters. Many people think that the reason for this behavior Melania is a sex scandal with her husband.

Before that Melania had also decided to avoid it, along with a photo. On a ledge in Congress Melania and Donald trump didn’t travel together, but on different cars. Refusing will appear with her husband and to accompany him, Mrs. trump broke the presidential tradition: usually the first lady always appears on the statement together with their husbands. Interestingly, this year the couple have never been published together.

As stated by the speaker of the house Sarah Sanders, the first lady decided to arrive separately and not accompany her husband only because he wanted to arrange a private appointment. She appeared before the guests and everyone paid attention.

We will remind that a press-the Secretary of the first lady of the United States Stephanie Grisham on his Twitter page called rumors of family problems of the presidential couple “completely false” and hinted that the spouses not to hurt such statements.

“List of bad and flat false reports about Mrs. trump, published in periodicals and television shows, was leaked to the message “main thread”. She (Melania trump) is focused on his family and the role of first lady, not on unrealistic scenarios, daily spread fake news,” writes Grisham.

While the representative Melania denies rumors, herself the wife of the President shares instagram photos from her trip to the Holocaust Museum. On January 27 the world celebrates the international day of remembrance of the victims of the Holocaust, in honor of what the US first lady Melania trump visited the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington.