Melania trump does not shake hands with her husband

Мелания Трамп не подала руки мужу

First lady of the United States of America Melania trump has again given rise to talk about what they have in the family with Donald trump all is not well. During a visit to Israel, the wife of the Republican refused to submit to her husband’s hand, though he to her and stretched. A video in which the wife ignored the outstretched palm of her husband and even her otahola, has spread around the world.

So unknown, fought the head of the White House with his wife during the flight, or Melania was just not in the mood, but the fact remains. It is noteworthy that both fans and opponents of Donald trump has condemned such behavior of the public first lady, saying that she ought not so to behave during official receptions. Some even cheered that while Melania and son Barron stay in new York, the first lady is the eldest daughter of President Ivanka.

Recall that for the first time about the family crisis Trumps talking during the inauguration, when Melania barely squeezed out a smile. Then, the network even got the hashtag “Free the Melania”. The former fashion model was submitted to all the unhappy prisoner of her husband, a tyrant. Now we see that it can also demonstrate their “fu” did not hesitate world.