Melania trump again is not matched with the outfit

Мелания Трамп снова не угадала с нарядом

Мелания Трамп снова не угадала с нарядом

After over two years of Melania trump teased about the clothes for the forgiveness Turkey, Melania lifted the curse and worn suede from clothing to boots.

First lady Melania trump, as always, looked absolutely gorgeous when it was photographed on 26 November at the White house. Her 49-year-old trump stood beside her husband, President Donald trump, in the rose garden of the White house, when he picked two lucky winners. This year sweet freedom and happiness for life, Donald wished the two great turkeys — Maslechko and Bread, these lovely birds are pardoned, and they will definitely not be eaten at the festive table on Thanksgiving Day. In the event you put on the suede outfit from head to toe, which included a suede coat to the knees and matching high boots with a small heel.

Мелания Трамп снова не угадала с нарядом

Journalists were hoping that trump took into account the criticism of last year’s outfit when he chose the image for this event. In 2018 at the White house, she wore a fashionable coat-swing, decorated with geometric pattern. It was nice, but proved problematic when it came to color schemes. Brown, red, white, black…. This outfit journalists found it very similar to the colors of the Turkey. The people immediately seized upon the remark to reporters, too and there was a barrage of comments with jokes First lady. Tweets about her clothing with great speed gaining momentum. “Melania while pardoning turkeys, she looks like she’s just waiting to hear their name,” wrote one person. “Look trump at a press conference in Turkey. Is it just me or Melania trying to compete with Peas & Carrots for a coat that she’s wearing? “wrote another viewer.

She also did not like the outfit that she wore to the pardon of 2017: orange sweater, brown skirt, massive heels and a long coat with a floral print. Maybe it’s a bit like the infamous “couch dress” Kim Kardashian.
Melania wore the same clothes suede the morning of the pardon, when she visited the University of Maryland at the event “Be the best”. Nobody talked about her clothes. Instead, the audience is full of students of middle and high school, I listened to her for five minutes straight.
However, it is to say that Melania is certainly a very beautiful and charming woman outfits which may not always successful, but certainly does not spoil its charm. But these press attacks possible only the usual envy!

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