Мелания Трамп о молодежной программе «Будь лучшим»

March 18, the White house held an official meeting to discuss youth programs in Federal departments and agencies. 48-year-old Melania trump was a speaker at the event and spoke about how important it is to ensure the safety of children on the Internet and society in reality.

Мелания Трамп о молодежной программе «Будь лучшим»

Melania chose a very bright and pleasing to the eye image, which is focused on the location and goodwill. Peachy pink pantsuit from Emilio Pucci and bright pullover first lady added brand slouchy styling.

Discuss the importance of children’s safety lady the tramp was in the company of five secretaries of the Cabinet of Ministers, including Betsy DeVos (Minister of education), Ben Carson (Minister of housing and urban development) and Alex M. Azar II (the Minister of health and welfare).

“My focus has been and always will be given to our children, the next generation. These are our future doctors, nurses, firefighters, scientists, teachers, cooks, generals, pilots, designers, reporters, to name a few of them,” said the first lady at the opening.

After discussing all the issues and enlisting the support, Melania thanked all the participants and revealed some future plans. “Today was a great opportunity to hear from all agencies about the programs that best meet our policy. I look forward to working with the interagency working group on youth programs to help children get the support and everything you need,” says Melania.

Last year the first lady for most of the year spent traveling around the country as part of a tour whose goal was to draw attention to all three components of it initiated a campaign “Be the best” (Be Best). It started in may last year and aimed at ensuring the welfare of children, ensuring their online safety and anti bullying and opioid drugs.

Melania like no one else knows about the safety of children. For example, Donald trump would not be allowed to play son Barron in football, it’s a dangerous sport. Margaret Brennan from CBS asked the President if he’d allow his son Barron to play football. Donald replied ambiguously. The President has no special love for football as a player, but as the viewer tries not to miss the matches. “If he wanted to? Yes! Will I encourage this? No.”

“Barron is really a lot playing football. He likes it. And a lot of people, including me, believed that football will not reach our country, but it is quickly moving forward!” — the President of the United States. “I just don’t like the news related to football. I mean, it’s a dangerous sport and I think that is very heavy. Equipment has become better, but it did not solve the problem. Heard that the NFL players would not allow their sons to play football”.

However, SuperBowl family still celebrated. Trump made a big party! Melania and Donald trump took a 12-year-old son Barron and went to the party, prepared in honor of the super Cup at the Golf club trump in Florida, Mar-a-Lago.

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