Мелания и Дональд Трамп поздравляют американцев: «Ты всё еще веришь в Санту?»

Christmas preparations Melania and Donald trump began to advance: in November, the White house decorated and brought great spruce! Throughout December, the trump with the first lady organized Christmas parties. In the occasion the President congratulated the Americans and did not do very well.

Мелания и Дональд Трамп поздравляют американцев: «Ты всё еще веришь в Санту?»

As expected Melania and Donald went to Christmas service at the National Cathedral, and then took part in the “NORAD tracks Santa”. The couple had to talk to the children on the phone, not without embarrassment. 7-year-old girl called the President, to know when her home will be visited by Santa! He decided the girl not to get your hopes up. “You still believe in Santa Claus? In fact, in seven years it is not normal”. Later, the network got the video call Babes to the President and that does not upset this unexpected answer! On the contrary, she agreed with trump, and parents reported that they do not hold a grudge.

No official congratulations in any way. In the official account of the White house on Twitter the couple together has congratulated all on a holiday. “This wonderful festival brings together the best of everything. Melania and I are happy to wish every American a merry Christmas. During the Christmas holidays, we rejoice in God’s many benefits. At this time some people donated to help others,” he said.

“We get together with family and friends to give each other hope, love, compassion, joy and kindness,” said Melania.

Celebrated Christmas, the US President and his wife luxuriously in the private club, trump’s Mar-a-Lago. There went the whole family. A source from the inner circle of the head of state said that the wife trump loves Christmas and preparing for it. She had already planned out what dishes will decorate a festive table. But with the gifts it is still not decided. “At the moment she didn’t buy anything Donald. Melania says that it is almost impossible to surprise, and often they do not exchange gifts on Christmas,” said the insider.

Recall how you prepared the White House for the holiday: to your Twitter account first lady put up a post with three photos, which the volunteers thoroughly decorate the White House. Melania herself in the process of decorating did not participate and only watched the painstaking work of dozens of volunteers who decided to create a festive atmosphere! “Thank you to all the volunteers of our great country who work hard to decorate the White house. Can’t wait to see this beauty tomorrow night,” writes Melanie.

And in the penultimate Monday of November is traditionally the white House held a magnificent event, where the Christmas tree is brought into the courtyard on a special cart. The day was warm and Sunny! Everything went according to the canons — while horse-drawn carriage approached the residence of the President, the military, the Quartet played Christmas music. The tree was imported straight from North Carolina. The state is famous for the fact that in the entire history raised the highest number of firs for the White house.

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