Meladze is preparing for the wedding

Меладзе готовится к свадьбе
Daughter Valeria decided on the date of the celebration.

Valery Meladze with his daughter Inga


A year ago, the eldest daughter of Valery Meladze Inge did
the offer she couldn’t refuse. To marry the daughter of the singer called her boyfriend, an Englishman
Nori Verges. The engagement was held in the romantic atmosphere of an Oriental Palace and took place in one of the nicest hotels in the world in Marrakech.
The young man invited Inga for the weekend and gave her a Grand
surprise. But with the wedding date, the young people couldn’t decide. And only
a year after the proposal of marriage to Verges and Inga decided that
celebration they arrange in a year, in October. “Two weeks ago we had a year engagement
and exactly a year this weekend we will celebrate the wedding.
07-08.10.2017. Date scheduled, the countdown has begun,” says Inga.

Like any girl, the heiress of a popular singer
wants to get married in a white dress and a festive atmosphere. Mom
Inga admitted that the groom decided all financial matters with the organization
events to take on. Judging by
what the wedding is required so long
the preparation, the celebration will be elegant.