Meladze brothers shared his revelations about his affair.

Братья Меладзе поделились откровениями о своих романах
Valery and Konstantin admitted that both are very amorous.

Valery and Konstantin Meladze

Photo: freeze-frame of the program “Honestly Yuri Nikolayev”

Valery and Konstantin Meladze has broken not one maiden heart. On a stormy personal life, the musicians told in the program “Honestly Yuri Nikolayev”. From school future stars of the national stage was a great success with the opposite sex.

The famous brothers with the youth a clear idea of what should be the ideal woman. Constantine, for example, from school I know his wife will be tall, blonde. The eldest of the brothers Meladze grew very amorous young man. He easily fell in love, but are quickly “burned out”.

Valery, in contrast to his brother, did not think, what appearance will have his betrothed, but knew exactly what qualities she must be present in the character. “I fell in love, usually always very long. But for me love was always something light. I, by the way, for the most part it was unrequited…” — said Valery.

According to Valery, the key to family happiness — respect. “If you go from a default set of qualities in a women she have good morning, love, a good housewife, a woman must respect a man. I believe that if you go to some nuances: the family must be respected. Love, passion can be, and may not be, but the respect should be!” — said Meladze. By the way, both brothers believe that the best “cure” for scandal in the family — the ability to listen to his wife. Konstantin and Valery adhere to the strategy not to argue with their spouses. They politely listen, but do anyway on its own.