Meladze and the stars lit for the big wedding Russian footballer

Меладзе и Ургант зажгли на шикарной свадьбе российского футболиста Maxim Kanunnikov and his fiancee gave a bright celebration. The event was made by Valery Meladze and group USB, and led the wedding of Ivan Urgant. The lovers shared a touching photo.
Меладзе и Ургант зажгли на шикарной свадьбе российского футболиста

Forward of football club “SKA-Khabarovsk” Maxim Kannunikov surprised fans with photos from a gorgeous wedding. A young man and his girlfriend Catherine organized a festival on the grounds of the rural estate in the Leningrad region. Leading the celebrations was Ivan Urgant, who during the whole evening the guests were entertained by bright jokes and unusual contests.

One of the bridesmaids told that Maxim and Catherine have been together for many years. They got married three years ago, but decided to arrange a holiday just now. The happy couple has a daughter Arina.

“Guys, you are an example that love lives for three years and then once more. You did great! Be happy! Advice and love,” wrote a friend of Catherine’s Instagram.

For the occasion, the bride chose several gorgeous dresses. She first appeared in feminine attire, richly decorated with lace.

Меладзе и Ургант зажгли на шикарной свадьбе российского футболиста

Toward evening a young woman dressed in a more sexy dress with high slit and plunging neckline. Catherine looked incredibly feminine.

But Maxim gave preference to the classic black suit that complemented the tie.

Throughout the evening the lovers and their friends entertained a group of USB and Valery Meladze. Actors with pleasure were photographed with guests of the event, not tired to congratulate all lovers.

Some friends Kanunnikova are unable to come to the wedding as they are at the training camp before the world Cup 2018. The same Maxim to the Russian national team did not call. It is possible that the athlete specially organized a celebration on the eve of important events in the coming weeks its nothing distracts from the views matches.

Fans of Maxim and Catherine hastened to congratulate them with such an important event. “The wife you have is simply beautiful! That’s only the second dress too Frank”, “What a cool celebration. It is a pity that on the field at Kanunnikov not always get to score”, “the Bride is just beautiful. I hope you will live happily ever after” – opinions of fans of the star couple.

Some Maxim subscribers believe that it will soon go on a honeymoon with his wife and daughter. The footballer and his wife love to travel abroad and often share Sunny photos from around the world.