Meladze and Loboda saved Eugene Vlasov after removal of her tumor

Меладзе и Лобода спасли Евгению Власову после удаления у нее опухоли The singer is glad to please her mother responded as many people. Eugenia Vlasova had surgery in the fight against cancer. However, after the intervention physicians were complications which required immediate removal.

In November, the mother of Ukrainian singer Eugenia Vlasova appealed to all concerned people cry for help – the actress became ill after an operation to remove the tumor. As it turned out, after surgery, she developed adhesions and bowel obstruction. A week and a half she underwent four operations. The mother became alarmed and asked to transfer the money. As it turned out, responded and many stars of show business. Mother Eugenia Vlasova rescues daughter after surgery to remove the tumor

“The first called Light.. Although we never hung out as friends. When I first had surgery, she asked what we needed. I tell her, “nothing. Give me just a tangerine tree.” And she gave. This time she just stubbornly. I say: “Svetlana”. And she said, “Jen, I want.” She helped financially,” – said Eugene.

Also many celebrities sought in every way to support a colleague – they sent her the nice wishes. The godfather’s daughter Vlasova, Konstantin Meladze also could not stay away.

“It was very nice. You have no idea. I lay with my eyes closed and then the bell rang. It’s the same Konstantin Meladze. I love him very much as a genius as a person. Meladze not left out, he helped financially,” she admitted.

Now, the actress is gradually returning to life. She realizes that these unfortunate events and tests sent to her for a reason. Vlasov admitted that he always tried to lead a healthy lifestyle and surround yourself with only good people. However, it is unpleasant to talk about a former husband – she made it clear that now is not in very good terms with the ex-spouse. Eugenia I wish he showed more attention to the overall 13-year-old daughter Nina in such a difficult moment.

“I would really like to replace me energy when my child gets into a corner in tears and asks what’s going on. The father hugged her. It’s a lesson. And girls choose good fathers to their children and good husbands to themselves” – quoted by Vlasov edition Viva.

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