Мел Гибсон добился права не выплачивать Оксане Григорьевой $15 миллионов

Now we have all heard about the divorce amber heard and johnny Depp. Wife “pirate” accused him of domestic violence, and even published online video, proving that Depp is behaving inappropriately when drinking too much.

This situation is almost as like as two peas similar to the story about 6 years ago I experienced a couple Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva.

Then the Russian pianist accused the actor and Director in that he had laid a hand on her, and even threatened to kill.

Evidence from Grigorieva was not long in coming. The girl has published a video of his tantrums and death threats, made at home during family squabbles.

The sound of the scandal with Mel instantly spread around the Internet. Gibson at the time became a persona non grata on all the studios. Chalk virtually ceased to call to be filmed in Hollywood, USA, only abroad and in low-budget projects. In order to reduce the flow of mud Leela Grigorieva on Mel, his lawyers agreed with the opposite party to pay Oksana $ 15 million compensation. Thus, it is important to note that the couple was not painted, though they were connected about ten years of relationship.

Simply put, Gibson is not wanted and began to demand justice. The actor did not skimp on lawyers, and they are, after all, helped him to obtain a judgment, which it granted. Namely, 60-year-old Director has proved in court that the Russian pianist had no right to publish the records as it forbade their plea agreement. Now the maximum that it will receive 250 thousand dollars. It is unlikely, as Mel already paid her half a million out of court, which is likely to be taken into account.

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