Мел Гибсон снимет продолжение фильма «Страсти Христовы»

Hollywood actor Mel Gibson will again sit in the Director’s chair: he decided to shoot the continuation of his successful tape “the passion of the Christ”. This was announced by writer Randall Wallace, the writer of the script for the new film. Previously, they has worked on the film “brave heart”.

Мел Гибсон снимет продолжение фильма «Страсти Христовы»
It is reported that in the new part of the acclaimed film, you will learn about the resurrection of the Messiah described in the New Testament. When the new film will be released on the screen, not reported. And Mel himself doesn’t know that the Director is still busy finding financing for a new film project.

Recall that the first film “the passion of the Christ” was released worldwide in 2004, and left no one indifferent. And her criticism was so huge that in some countries, it was declared prohibited. Anyway, with a budget of 30 million dollars at the box office managed to collect a whopping 612. Gibson is confident that the sequel will be equally successful.

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