Мэл Гибсон отобрал у бывшей подружки полмиллиона долларов
Oksana Grigorieva has become a victim of its own greed.

Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva

Photo: Instagram.com

The other day in Los Angeles ended in a lawsuit, finally
put an end to the litigation Oksana Grigorieva and her ex — boyfriend Mel Gibson.
The court, having considered the appeal of Oksana, who was dissatisfied with the previous decision,
denied Grigorieva. In the end, she lost 500 thousand dollars. This was announced by the Internet site people.com.

This story began almost six years ago, when
Grigorieva has accused Mel of domestic violence. She demanded then as
compensation mind-boggling amount. Mel, who for the sake of Oksana divorced his wife Robyn, mother of his seven children, she was offered 15 million, but Oksana
refused — she was hoping to get a lot more. Alas, Grigorieva miscalculated.
However, the court, having considered the case, ruled that Gibson will have to pay her
three doses of 750 thousand plus 20 thousand a month for the maintenance of their common child, daughter Lucia, who is now already 6 years. But in the end, she got even
the money.

The fact that she made another mistake.
Tempted by the money promised to her for participation in the program, she in 2013 year discussed
my story with Mel live on
TV show from Howard stern. And broke, thus, the confidentiality contract
details of his personal life, Gibson made her sign in 2010. In
the result, she lost, according to the terms of the agreement, the right to continue to receive
money from Mel. The court, having considered the first time her complaint to Gibson, who then
once said that the more she from him large sums will not get decided in
the benefit of Mal. And now ended with her defeat and appeal.

By 2013 Mel
had to pay her only the first “tranche”, that is 250 thousand. And ended on
this week the court of appeal confirmed that Gibson should not be anything more
Grigorieva! They say that Oksana is furious. It
have repeatedly complained to her friends that she and her daughter are 20 thousand,
who pays her Mel, just a “miserable existence”. However,
complaining Grigorieva nowhere else. And to blame in this situation, it can
only himself.

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