Мэл Гибсон пообещал, что его  новый фильм об Иисусе потрясет зрителей
The Director will shoot a mystical movie.

Mel Gibson


Mel Gibson has encouraged fans of his work, saying that soon
will begin shooting a new movie based on the Holy Scriptures. He was going to shoot
a sequel to his movie “the passion of the Christ” which he created in 2004-th year.

As it became known, the main role again, like last time, will play
actor James Caviezel. The actor confirmed that 62-year-old Gibson asked him to star in a new
film. “I can’t tell you everything I know about the plot of the new movie to
shock the audience. It seems to me that if all goes as planned, then
this will be one of the greatest movies ever!”said Caviezel.

As for the Mel, which last year became a father for the 9th time, he recently told, about what
will tell in his new movie. “I will probably call it “Resurrection”. Speech
it will the return of Christ from
dead. Of course, we all read about how it happened. But I want
to take this opportunity to share my thoughts on the subject, over
deep meaning of this event…” said Gibson. Reportedly, Mel again,
like last time, decided to entrust the screenplay, Welles, Randall, and the one with
enthusiasm agreed. “I’m waiting for this for a long time. Because “the Passion” was only
the beginning, this movie just needs a sequel!”he said.

Recall: “the Passion…” brought, in his time, Gibson’s notoriety.
Although his movie was honored with three nominations for an Oscar, Mel underwent
criticized for the excessive brutality of the film and provided it is anti-Semitism.