Мэл Гибсон выселяет Оксану Григорьеву из дома
Ex-girlfriend of the actor will have to find a new home.

Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva

As it became known recently, Mel Gibson has demanded that his ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva, along with their General
baby daughter Lucia — has freed his mansion in Sherman Oaks (CA), in which he
she initially allowed to live. However, in exchange for something that she’ll move out of the house,
Grigorieva will receive some financial compensation — Mel would be her
to pay for the maintenance Lucia for 10 thousand dollars a month more. About it
according to the Internet website of the Daily Mail.

In fact, Oksana has once again failed her
greed. Initially, when she decided to go with the Gibson
alleging that in applying her beatings, Mel, no haggling, offered her 15
million. But Grigorieva had the indiscretion to refuse — she wanted
much more! Alas, the court, to her extreme disappointment, decided that Gibson
have to pay only 750 thousand in three doses, and another 20 thousand per month as child support. But it is not
received even the promised amount, and, by his own fault. Tempted
promised her the fee, she agreed to tell on the show Howard stern on
what happened between her and Mel fighting. And that violated the agreement
confidentiality, which she signed earlier. And as Mel to
time managed to pay her only the first part — 250 thousand, it has lost the right to
the remaining half a million. Grigorieva has filed an appeal,
but the court held this August, dismissed her petition.

But Oksana was not satisfied. She said
she has nothing to live on and she, allegedly, leads to 20 thousand “miserable existence”.
And then Mel decided not to go again to court, asked her for more
10 thousand per month, obliging her to leave his house. By the way, this
mansion Gibson allowed her to move in 2014 when they declared that the alleged
close to bankruptcy. And Oksana could easily make a living by arrangement
Mel, as long as Lucia would not be filled 18 years, if Grigorieva again
not began to extort Gibson money…

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