Мел Гибсон оставил Оксану Григорьеву без жилья

The actor was evicted ex-wife and their daughter Lucia from his home in California, where earlier it was allowed to live.

Initially, recall, Grigorieva was supposed to live in the mansion Gibson until their daughter turns 18. But something went wrong…

As the newspaper writes Daily Mail, Gibson was tired of listening to discontent ex-girlfriend that her daughter is not enough to live on. He agreed to pay her more money in exchange that she leave him alone and find a better housing.

Did this solution Grigorieva, is unknown. But there is a possibility that the release of the mansion she will have in the near future.

Earlier Oksana because of greed and avarice already made promo. In 2010 Gibson after accusations of beatings offered her $ 15 million. But the woman did not agree and want more money, went to court. There disappointment awaited her: the judge ruled that the actor must pay his ex-wife only $ 750 thousand, three -, and even 20 thousand dollars a month on expenses of the child. However, half of this amount Grigorieva is not received, because it violated the terms of the contract and told about the relationship with the ex-lover journalists.

It seems, Grigorieva can be a good example of how not to behave with your ex-husband. If you want a normal financial compensation, of course.

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