Мэл Гибсон оставил Оксану Григорьеву без крыши над головой
Actor urgently selling the house, which is associated with his past.

Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorevoi


Mel Gibson decided to get rid of the last
reminders about Oksana Grigorieva — its
former girlfriend and mother of his daughter Lucia. He sold the house, which had previously allowed
to live with his ex until their daughter reaches the age of 18. The ability to make
he got once at the request of Gibson, legalized
the recent decision of the court, Grigorieva was
forced to move out of this mansion. It is reported from Los Angeles.

In fact, a new round of showdown between
Gibson and Grigorieva Oksana has begun. The fact that she allegedly was dissatisfied with the earlier decision of the court,
under which she received from Mel alimony of 20 thousand dollars a month. And
however, she still had a right to live with her daughter in the house that belonged to
Mel. But Grigorieva wanted a lot more: it demanded 100 thousand a month. However
in the end, it seems more lost than gained. The court decided to increase
alimony, but only 10 thousand dollars a month. But
the judge agreed with Gibson that in return she will have to leave
the earlier house.

Mel bought the house in 2009 for $ 2.1 million. And
lived here for some time with Oksana and Lucia, while the lovers quarreled and
not broken up. And although for the time elapsed since the acquisition of the mansion, price
increased significantly, Gibson
decided to sell it urgently for only 2.4 million.

However, now Mel has enough worries and in addition.
His young mistress, Rosalind Ross gave birth last month boy
who was named Lars. And Mel is now busy not only with its projects but
and participates, to the extent possible, in the education of his son. The boy was born very
small (just 2 kilos 410 grams), but thanks to the care of parents, quickly gaining weight. However, Gibson
expressed on this account are not too respectful. “He is like a pig, grows
and feels great!” — replied the actor in question, what about
health son.