Mel Gibson is in Cannes boasted of his 25-year-old girlfriend

Мел Гибсон похвастался в Каннах своей 25-летней подружкой
The actor kissed the beauty in front of the guests of the festival.

Mel Gibson and Rosalind Ross

Photo: Splash News/East news

The appearance of a 60-year-old Chalk
Gibson in Cannes made this year a strong impression. The fact that he came here
not one, but with his girlfriend — a young beautiful Rosalind Ross. Moreover, neither
Mel nor his lovely companion didn’t even try to hide the tenderness to each other, and,
on the contrary, strongly demonstrated their feelings in public.

Incidentally, the Chalk arrived in Cannes
not only to entertain, but also on the case. He arrived here to present his
the new film “Blood father”. Besides, Gibson has entrusted this time the honorary
the role — he received the main prize of the festival “Golden palm” British Director Ken Loach.

Mel came on the scene
for the presentation of awards at full parade — in a perfectly sitting on it
the suit, his girlfriend, not hiding his admiration, looked at him from
the auditorium. All the while Gibson and 25-year-old Rosalind was staying in Cannes,
they would not leave each other and constantly held hands. And at the ceremony
closing steam and completely shocked the audience with his Frank behavior. First
in front of all Ross stroked a loved one on the cheek, and then Mel passionately
kissed her right on the lips!

Gibson and Rosalind
Dating since the summer of last year. They met when Ross, who was in
past professional athlete-rider, and later changed his profession and
became a writer, helped Gibson to work on his next film. Working
relationship almost immediately turned into a novel. Since then the pair is practically inseparable.
There were even rumors that Gibson and Ross secretly got engaged. And one of the friends of the actor
claims that Mel and Rosalind plan to have children.

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