Мел Гибсон лишил миллионов свою бывшую жену

Instead of the promised $ 15 million Russian pianist Oksana Grigorieva, ex-wife of Hollywood actor Mel Gibson and mother of his daughter Lucia will receive a total of 250 thousand. During one of the scandals the woman recorded the then her husband threatened her. This entry was supposed to be key in the court – Oksana accused Mel of hot in the assault and wanted to put him behind bars. Then, the lawyers Gibson went for broke and offered millions in compensation to the victim on behalf of his client, but with the condition that she will not disclose his personal information.

Litigation between Mel and Oksana lasted several years. In 2011, the pair seemed to compromise: Gibson has to pay ex-wife $ 750 thousand, dividing that amount into three payments, the last of which was supposed to come next month, but it is obvious that this money the woman not to see.
In 2013, she was a heroine of the talk show the stern Guard, telling the whole world about how hard her life was under one roof with Hollywood celebrity, wandering hands. After that, the money of Chalk she could not count.
Despite the fact that the judge again warned Grigoriev that she should not tell about his relationship with Gibson, Oksana disobeyed him and as a result has breached the agreement. Now the woman for his sharp tongue will not get $ 14 million – a sum quite sufficient to live comfortably and raise a daughter.

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