Mel Gibson first told about his 3-month-old son of 25-year-old mistress

Мэл Гибсон впервые рассказал о своем 3-месячном сыне от 25-летней любовницы
61-year-old actor much younger.

Мэл Гибсон впервые рассказал о своем 3-месячном сыне от 25-летней любовницы

Mel Gibson and Rosalind Ross


Mel Gibson, who in January of this year, again became the father, in his recent
interview shared his impressions about your baby. “He’s incredibly, fantastically good. To be
the father of a little child is such a joy! With him I feel quite
young…” he told Mel.

The baby, who so admires Gibson, bore him a friend of the actor – Rosalind
Ross. Parents gave the boy the name Lars Gerard, and he was the ninth child
actor. Some time ago, as told
Mel, he met with his colleague Clint Eastwood, also known as
father of many children. “Remind me, how many children do you have?” — twitted Clint Gibson. And
hearing that “only” eight, triumphantly said: “Ha, I beat you! Have
me now nine!”

To acquire such a “kindergarten” Mel helped three women. Seven
bore him his ex-wife Robyn, with whom he lived for about thirty years. Junior
of them — Thomas is now 18 years old. One daughter (named Lucia), blessed
Gibson his ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva, the girl is 7 years old. As far as baby Lars, he
yet only three months.

As previously reported, the boy at birth was very tiny, it
weighed only 2 kilos 410 grams. But
born, Lars quickly began to catch up with their peers. And recently, Mel
shared the first photo of his little son, put it in his microblog. For this “photo shoot” parents are smart enough to dress up your baby in
overalls, resembling a tuxedo with pants. And added to this “evening
suit” bow tie! Fans of the actor came to the conclusion that in this
clothing baby looks absolutely irresistible.

Lars Gerard Gibson

Photo: freeze frame television