Мел Гибсон назвал фильм «Бэтмен против Супермена» «куском дерьма»

Hollywood actor and Director Mel Gibson said that the film “Batman V Superman: dawn of justice” — “the piece of shit that it is absolutely not interested”. Such a scandalous statement was made by Mel in an interview with Deadline.

Gibson mentioned above the tape in the context of talking about the budget of the film. So, taking off in the 2006 drama “Apocalypto”, Mel spent $ 30 million. The actor – Director said that good movies don’t necessarily have a huge budget, because big-budget tape can disappoint. As an example, Mel mentioned “Batman V Superman: dawn of justice”, whose budget amounted to $ 250 million.
“You know, what’s the difference between a real hero and a superhero from the comics? A real hero doesn’t wear spandex. This is after all an expensive material,” — said the actor.
Recall that despite the criticism, the tape proved to be in hire quite well and has earned over $ 800 million.