Мэл Гибсон стал отцом в девятый раз
Actor recognized as the absolute champion of Hollywood for large families.

Mel Gibson and Rosalind Ross

As announced by the representative of Mel Gibson in
Saturday a friend of actor — Rosalind Ross had a son. He became the ninth
baby Mel. As a result, Mel received the status of “Very large
father of Hollywood”.

According to available information, the boy weighed
at birth only about 2 kilograms of 410 grams. However, as assured the representative of the
actor, the child was declared healthy. The happy parents gave their son the name Lars Gerard. About the appearance of another son of Gibson on
light, first reported the Internet-the edition people.com.

60-year-old Mel met Rosalind that
younger than his 36 years a couple of years ago. Then Ross is a former athlete-rider
became a member of a team of writers on his next project. Business relationship
Gibson and Rosalind quickly escalated into an affair and in October of last year it became known
that a friend of the actor is pregnant.

Recall that in addition to newborn baby Lars
Gerard, Gibson has 8 children from two different mothers. Robyn Moore wife of Mel,
lived with him for 30 years, bore him seven heirs. In addition, Oksana
Grigorieva — a friend of the actor, the controversial relationship which almost ended
for Gibson, a prison, made him happy one Chad — daughter Lucia, which
now for 8 years.