Мел Гибсон и Шон Пенн снимутся в фильме «Профессор и сумасшедший»

Star of Hollywood boys Sean Penn and Mel Gibson, which sometimes differed nepremennym behavior, appear together in the new project.

In the future we will be able to see the actors in the film “the Professor and the madman.” The basis for the creation of the painting will serve as the novel Simon Winchester. It is worth saying that the movie I waited a long 18 years – in 1998, Gibson received permission to create a film based on the book.

The plot is based on real events and tells about the creation of the Oxford English dictionary. Gibson will play Professor James Murray, and penny proposed to be reincarnated as Dr. William Chester minor.

As stated in the press release, “the Professor and the madman” is a story about madness and genius, about two obsessed people who changed the course of history of literature.

The film will be directed Farhad Safinia, with whom Gibson has worked for the band “Apocalypse” (Farhad wrote the film script).

By the way, in the new project Safinia also take on the scenario.

When the film will be presented to the public, is not specified.

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