Mel b tried to commit suicide

Мел Би пыталась покончить с собой

British singer Melanie brown, the former participant of group Spice Girls, aka Mel b, continues to shock the audience with details of his nightmarish marriage with Stephen Belafonte. She told about the horrible terror of the still legal wife, about his passion for orgies that his relatives are trying to present to the public as a mutual decision of the spouses to have a so-called open relationship. It is obvious that Mel was not satisfied with this situation, but she could not find a way out of this infernal circle. In a recent interview, the actress admitted that she tried to commit suicide.

A few years ago, in December 2014 Mel b was hospitalized with acute pain in the stomach. Such was the official version of what happened with the artist. In fact, Melanie tried to kill herself after a quarrel with her husband, taking a large dose of Aspirin.
“It was a moment of emotional and physical exhaustion. He literally threw me into the bedroom and locked the door with the words “Die, s..a!”. I tried to open the door and broke the lock, as it was very old. Seeing that I opened the door, he (Stefan – approx.ed.) just furious. I told him that I’m sick and begged him to release me,” said Melanie. The situation was going to save Melanie friend named Randy, who happened at this moment was to her house. He called an ambulance, but Belafonte told the doctors that his wife was fine and that she doesn’t need help.
In desperation, she took all the Aspirin, which managed to find on the bedside table. The hospital delivered the driver, who saw that it was bad. There she stayed for two days, voicing all the official version – poisoning.
Belafonte did not repent that almost brought the wife to death, and on the contrary: he began to threaten her that he would tell everyone at the “X Factor” that she tried to commit suicide and she was fired.
“He humiliated me, calling me an idiot. His attitude to me saw all my colleagues. They understood immediately and became my greatest support,” said Melanie.
A woman has filed a lawsuit against a spouse, demanding a restraining order. Meeting to be held on April 24.