Мел Би отсудила дочь у бывшего мужа

Participant of the Spice Girls and judge of America’s Got Talent Melanie brown were able to survive litigation with former husband Stephen Belafonte and won!

Мел Би отсудила дочь у бывшего мужа

Last year began a protracted divorce proceedings, in which ex-spouses trying to divide the marital, including 7-year-old daughter Madison. A while Melanie has gone from the position, because talked about their dependency and willingness to go to rehab. Explicit recognition only played into the hands of her ex-husband. Belafonte called Chalk the worst mother and said he wants sole custody of Madison. His statement Stephen reinforced the testimony of former tutor of the children, who argued that in a state of alcoholic intoxication brown has repeatedly subjected the girls — Madison and Mel’s daughters from previous relationships — Phoenix and angel — danger.

In the end, Mel stated that it is willing to take any tests in order to prove their adequacy. Together with the results of the analyses were taken into account the financial position of a star, which significantly decreased during the divorce. Today the judge of the superior court of Los Angeles mark yuhas issued a final verdict, 45-page decision confirming that former spouses can continue to work together to raise their common daughter, Madison, if they comply with a number of strict conditions.

Mel and Stephen cannot approach each other closer than 200 yards, nor do they have the right to insult each other personally and publicly, to pursue, to attack, to threaten each other or to bow to intimacy.

Despite not being the best financial situation, Mel will be obliged to pay $ 350,000 for legal costs incurred by Belafonte, as well as monthly payments to the former spouse $ 5,000 in child support. In addition, I resolved a controversial issue at the expense of their family home and its contents. So, the entire inventory of gym ex-spouses can be divided equally, and the Studio equipment is fully owned by brown. Melanie went to the console for video games Spice Girls, which is especially valuable for her. However, for the singer will have to pay Belafonte $ 2,500. In addition, brown can keep two cars are Subaru Outbacks and two Range Rovers. Belafonte got the Cadillac Escalade.

We will remind, the former soloist Spice Girls announced that specifically took up the health and in September plans to undergo treatment for alcoholism and sex addiction. In the story for the newspaper the Sun, Melanie said that the last six months have been particularly difficult. Divorce it was pretty exhausting, and taking a Brutally Honest autobiography has caused her a lot of unpleasant memories. “It was a painful experience, I again and again experienced all those problems faced — from his father’s death to my relations with men. I confess I drank to numb the pain. But this is only the way by which many people try to hide from what’s happening around. Yes, sometimes I find it difficult to cope with all the emotions that I felt. But with booze and sex became unimportant,” — said the singer of The Sun.

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