Mel b said about beatings and threats to ex-wife

Мел Би заявила о побоях и угрозах экс-супруга The singer is in conflict with her ex-husband, film producer Stephen Belafonte. In a Western tabloids turned out to be a lawsuit Melanie brown, excerpts of which shocked the public. Himself Belafonte strongly denied the accusations.

      Мел Би заявила о побоях и угрозах экс-супруга

      41-year-old ex-member of Spice Girls Mel b recently made a sensational statement. In March of this year, the singer divorced with producer Stephen Belafonte, calling as the reason for the separation from her husband “irreconcilable differences”. A few days later, b filed a lawsuit against ex-wife accusing him of violence and beatings.

      Singer argues that the life Belafonte was a real hell, they say, the producer systematically humiliated her and forced to group actions of a sexual nature. Currently, the star and her children, Madison, Phoenix Chi Gulzar and angel iris Murphy brown, in fear for their lives.

      In the possession of Western correspondents got a lawsuit artist, which describes cases of violence by a former lover of a celebrity. So, in 2007, as stated by Mel b, husband put both hands on her neck and began to choke. In the summer of 2012 the producer has hit the singer in the face, breaking her lip, and after a few months, the man again raised his hand to his lover and forced her to publish life-affirming post for social networking. In 2014, the star has upped the dose of aspirin and started calling an ambulance, but Belafonte has locked the wife in the bedroom, wanting her dead. And that’s not all cases of violence against ex-member of the popular group, report journalists.

      According to the singer, the nanny got pregnant from her husband. At first he was ready to raise a child and begged the spouse to create a Swedish family, but then changed his mind and began to insist on abortion. The star also said that the producer allegedly paid their workers an additional amount of $ 300 thousand dollars to get rid of the unborn baby.

      In addition, according to ex-member Spice Girls, Belafonte systematically blackmailed favorite intimate video that could destroy her career. On some rollers, said Mel b, the group depicted sexual acts in which the husband forced her to participate the force.

      Journalists also reported that the actress tried to leave her husband, but he threatened her and the children with violence. According to Mel b, the ex-spouse illegally keeps building weapons – a pistol “Magnum”.

      Reporters contacted the film producer and got his opinion on the current situation. Himself Stephen Belafonte denies all the accusations. He claims that they are slander, and the future trial will place all points over “i”.