Мел Би прокомментировала новость о воссоединении Spice Girls и смене названия

The celebration on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the group Spice Girls last week. Shortly before this date the press began to appear reports that the team decided to reunite and go on tour with old and new songs. To take part in it refused just two “peppercorn” Victoria Beckham and Mel C. Because even a thank-you video in which the Spice Girls thank fans for the love and support that was recorded with only three singers Melanie brown, Emma bunton and Jerry Halliwell.

Last week a number of publications have published information that the quintet the Spice Girls became a trio and returns with a new GEM name, the letters are an acronym formed from the names of the participants.

But today Mel b puts all the points over I and explains the situation. As it turned out, the trio will do, however, speak of the artist will all be under the same hot title Spice Girls: “Our group is not going to change the name, we will always be the Spice Girls. I think journalists just messed up something, as a GEM — the title of our website. We are already working together in the Studio with Emma and Jerry, experimenting with new sounds. So very soon you will be able to evaluate the result”.

How successful is the project at the moment is hard to say.

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