Meghan Markle won the hearts of Londoners gathered on the parade Trooping the Colour

Меган Маркл покорила лондонцев, собравшихся на параде Trooping the Colour
Megan and Prince Harry has already completed his short honeymoon.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Today was the debut of Meghan Markle as member
the Royal family on the first big official ceremony — the celebration
92 th birthday of Queen Elizabeth II. Megan, where
the Queen bestowed on the occasion of her marriage with Prince Harry, the title of Duchess
Sussex, among the other relatives of the Queen appeared at the annual parade of Trooping the Colour.

Although the Queen’s birthday falls
on 21 APR, personal holiday Elizabeth always celebrated in the early summer. In
the time, as in April, the Queen is limited to the conservative party
in the family circle, on the second Saturday of June in her
the honor of the grandiose celebration. This year the parade will take part
1400 officers, 200 horses, 400 musicians. And end all of the pencils,
which the Queen and her family will watch from the balcony of the Royal Palace.

Traditionally, most of the family of Elizabeth,
having military ranks, go to the parade on horseback. This year, the Prince
William and his father Charles, Prince Andrew and even the daughter of Queen Anna appeared in the saddle. However, Elizabeth herself, which once also adorned the parade on
his favorite horse, Burmese, appeared before the Londoners in a Landau, which is quite natural, given her advanced age. In the last
time she went to the parade on horseback in 1986-m to year, when she was 60 years old. However
she refused the horse away, not because she was difficult to stay in the saddle. After all, the Queen still performs in the morning horseback riding. Elizabeth chose
seats in the carriage after her beloved horse “retired”.

Together in the Queen in Lando was her husband Prince
Philip, who tomorrow will celebrate his 97th birthday. Curious
the appearance before the public Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who also
proceeded through the streets of the city in a Landau, has caused almost more turbulent cries of welcome,
than check out the birthday girl. That was another confirmation of the extraordinary
Megan popularity among Britons. Incidentally, the Duchess looked simply
charming in a pale pink dress
from Carolina Herrera and hat from the famous wizard Philip Tracey.

Note that Megan first appeared before the British after
their fabulous wedding, held at Windsor on may 19. During this time, the Duchess
and her now-husband Harry had to spend their short honeymoon.
Moreover, throughout his after-wedding time they managed
to successfully escape the paparazzi — by this time, the reporters failed to do their one shot. Part of their honeymoon
months the couple spent in Canada, and some in Ireland.