Меган Маркл снова увидят в кино

37-year-old former actress Meghan Markle will return to the screens. Viewers will be able to see the Duchess in “the Handbook for boys and girls how to slide down”, as reported by People. To see a picture of you this year.

The film was produced in 2011 by Director Paul Sapiano. The plot revolves around young people who riot at parties in Los Angeles. Megan plays the character Dana, who will also appear in the exciting scenes. Colleagues Megan in the film are Adam Palli and Max Greenfield.

Now Meghan Markle renounced his profession, although many still wish to see again the star on the screens. This benefited the producers of the film decided to re-start movie 8 years ago! Now he will gather a lot more spectators due to the popularity Markle.

However, the Internet is now on Megan poured a lot of negativity. Just recently, Kensington Palace has expressed concern about the persecution Megan Mark and Kate Middleton on the Internet. Keep track of negative racist and sexist comments in social networks and on other platforms getting heavier, so the Royal family decided to use heavy artillery. In the groups of “fighters” has received several new recruits, among them George Clooney and Tessy Antony.

At the conference, Hulu George expressed his concern about the negativity towards Megan. “She is seven months pregnant, and she is persecuted and reviled, as once Diana the same story. We saw how it ended. I can’t tell you how much this frustrates me,” shared the actor.

In addition to George Clooney for the Duchess stood up and Tessy Antony, former Princess of Luxembourg. She wrote in Twitter post, dedicated to the Duchess. “No one deserves this. If you do not know something, say something. It is not good to talk bad about someone just because you’re protected by the anonymity of the Internet. Be kind!!! It’s cool! She didn’t deserve this,” wrote the former wife of Prince Louis of Luxembourg.

In addition to the negativity from the users of the network, the next blow was the publication of a personal letter from Megan and her father Thomas. “If you love me like you say in the press, please stop. Let us live our lives. Please, stop to lie, to hurt, to exploit my relationship with my husband. I see you huddled deep in the rabbit hole and think no way out, but think about it – to live with a clear conscience is more valuable than any money in the world” writes Markle.

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