Меган Маркл произнесет речь на своей свадьбе с принцем Гарри

Meghan Markle goes against the traditions of the Royal family and is going to give a speech at his wedding with Prince Harry.

Меган Маркл произнесет речь на своей свадьбе с принцем Гарри

“All she wants is her chance to publicly thank Prince Harry and all who support them,” the insider reported.

Megan will give a speech at your wedding, in that case, if this will not make her father Thomas Markle. Most likely, he will take his daughter to the altar, although before the media reported that it will make her mother. The fact that the ledges in front of hundreds of people father Megan are not so easy, because he leads a quiet and secluded life in Mexico city. As for bride of the Prince, she, the American women’s speeches at weddings seem to be the case quite familiar.

As reported by insiders, the wedding of Prince Harry and Megan Markle will be a “reflection of their character and personality”. Wedding cake of the future wife of Prince decided to choose also non-traditional. Darren McGrady, who worked as a chef at the court of Queen Elizabeth spoke about the possible options for the wedding treats and said that most likely the pair of Harry and Megan will be the first to depart from the English traditions when choosing a wedding cake.

“It is likely that for the first time in history the pair will depart from tradition and did not order the fruit cake. I wonder if Megan will choose a layered sponge cake, which is popular in the United States. It is quite possible to do this, she will even find an American pastry chef in London,” said Darren, adding that the choice of wedding cake is usually carried by the bride.

Choose the toppings and taste of the cakes you need right now, because the cake can take up to 4 months. Once a pair decide which cake he wants to see the celebration, begin searching for a pastry chef who would do it. Start preparing the wedding cake should already in January, in time for the celebration. A week before the wedding it will begin to decorate.

The Royal chef said he did not believe the rumors of the couple’s love for banana cake. Although Darren says that Prince Harry and Prince William as a child were big fans of banana desserts, and he often for them to cook banana muffins.

The first days in the Royal family for the former actress Meghan Markle was not the light, because she has to combine charity appearances in preparation for a future wedding. 1 December the couple went to Nottingham, where this morning opened fair charity Terrence Higgins World Aids, timed to the world day of fight against AIDS. Harry and Megan got acquainted with the work of several organizations providing care to patients with AIDS and HIV.