Meghan Markle wearing a ring with the initials of Prince Harry

Меган Маркл носит кольцо с инициалом принца Гарри

Canadian actress Meghan Markle has not commented on his relationship with the heir to the British throne Prince Harry, but there are details that say more than words. 35-year-old sweetheart of the famous British ginger caught on one of the streets of London, where she is now the sixth week.

Меган Маркл носит кольцо с инициалом принца Гарри

Big-eyed paparazzi considered that the finger of the Canadians one of the rings with the letter “H” — Naggo=Harry.

Megan was walking near Kensington Palace, where is located the home of her boyfriend, and in her hand she had two bouquet. I must say that this is not the first time Markle wears jewelry with initials. So, earlier she was spotted in a necklace with the initials “M” and “N”, when the media first reported on the novel by Megan and Harry, the couple were spotted with the same beaded bracelets.
Recall that Harry plans to bring the woman to the wedding of her sister Kate Middleton Pippa. This will be their first public release as a pair and the sign of the serious intentions of the Prince.

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