Meghan Markle was secretly flown to London for Prince Harry

Меган Маркл тайно прилетела в Лондон к принцу Гарри
Harry met his beloved at the airport.

Меган Маркл тайно прилетела в Лондон к принцу Гарри

Prince Harry

Meghan Markle

the paparazzi are lucky: they “spotted” the secret arrival in London Meghan Markle, who came to visit his beloved. More
the Prince Harry personally met a girl that started Dating in the summer, at the airport.
The couple quickly managed to break away from persecution, and while
it is not known whether stopped Megan as in last arrival, at Kensington Palace, or the younger brother of Prince William gave her in the hotel. About it reported the Internet-the edition

Track Harry and his girlfriend, reporters managed to take later, and completely
accidentally. About the visit of lovers told the employee of the edition Mirror employees located in
the London Battersea Park store in Pines Needles,
selling Christmas trees and other Christmas attributes. The saleswoman Zakia Crawford, serving such important clients, the excitement was almost speechless.

Learned Prince and his girlfriend and other store employees. According to them, the couple behaved politely and modestly. Harry and Megan exchanged with the managers a couple of jokes, and explained that he would like
to choose a Christmas tree. In the end, opted for a relatively small tree and furry,
thanking for help, and departed.

Previously reported: the lovers were going to spend Christmas
apart. He Sandringham together with the Royal family. And she with your family
in America. However, apparently, plans have changed, otherwise why would they with the Prince needed a tree for two? Not
lucky girl her home in Los Angeles… plot Twist intrigued all who follow the development of the novel the Prince and the actress. They are anxiously waiting for the continuation.