Меган Маркл удостоили первого королевского обряда
Now the bride of Prince Harry ready to the wedding.

Меган Маркл удостоили первого королевского обряда

Meghan Markle


In London, the solemn rite of baptism Meghan Markle, which are prepared
this spring, become the lawful wife of Prince Harry. The ceremony was strictly
classified attended, except for the Megan, only a few members
of the Royal family. Among the guests were: the groom Markle — Prince Harry and
the father and stepmother of the Prince. At the conclusion of the ceremony, and hosted a dinner at Clarence House, which gave Prince Charles and his wife Camilla Parker-Bowles. We invited 18 guests, also from
relatives of the groom. About what was there or not the parents of the bride, not

The Baptism Of Megan
took place in the chapel Royal Chapel, located on the
the Royal Palace St. James’s Palace,
where at one time — in 2013 — baptized and the son of Prince William and Duchess Catherine George. Rite Megan spent Kenterberijsky Archbishop Justin Welby.
For the sacrament was taken from the Treasury of special attributes
which, according to tradition, are only used at the baptism of members of the Royal family.
This is the famous silver Lily font, made-to-order
Queen Victoria in the 19th century, a silver ladle, from which poured on the head
Markle poured a little Holy water from the Jordan, and a special bottle for incense.
Immediately after the first ceremony, the Archbishop held and the second
confirmed. Now Megan is considered a follower of the Anglican religion.

As previously reported, to
recently, Markle did not belong to a particular faith. Her mother Doria — Protestant, father Thomas
— an adherent of the Episcopal Church. She and Megan, although she
he was educated in a Catholic school, at Church, visited infrequently. Meanwhile,
Harry — the younger brother of Prince William, who will one day, when he
become king, to take the place of the head of the Anglican Church of Britain. Yes, and the
Harry, although he is only fifth in line to the throne, is also, theoretically,
may one day become the head of the Church. Why Markle decided to go through
Church rituals.

We will remind, the Duchess, Catherine, when she was preparing for the wedding with Prince William,
also went through the ritual of confirmation. However, to baptize her had:
the time when Kate was 5 months, she went through this ritual in
the Church of England. However, the rite of confirmation, like most British
teenagers, she was not. So in March of 2011, Bishop
London — Richard Chartes carried out confirmed Kate. The ceremony, held also
in the chapel in the Palace St. James’s Palace,
then, too, was closed, it was attended by only members of the Royal

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle