Meghan Markle wants to become the second Princess Diana?

Меган Маркл хочет стать второй принцессой Дианой?
The bride of Prince Harry has charmed the British.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle


Although the engagement of the younger brother of Prince William
his favorite became known less than a week ago, Meghan Markle already
to make a strong impression on the subjects of Queen Elizabeth.

On the days the newly-made bride Harry made,
together with her fiancé, his first visit as a member of the Royal
family. Megan and the Prince visited the city of Nottingham, approximately 200 kilometers
North of London at a charity event held there on the occasion of the Day of Struggle against AIDS. And although Megan
only accompanied the Prince on his trip, attention to it was
involved almost more than the grandson of Queen Elizabeth.

Prince and Markle, who will be married in may of 2018 met in Nottingham
crowded crowd wanted to see a new bride and groom. To
the joy of the audience, Megan willingly came into contact with the audience. She had
to chat with everyone that came in. 36-year-old Markle laughed
joked, shook many hands. When one of the women accidentally dropped her
the gauntlet, the Prince’s bride was not too lazy to bend over to lift lying on the pavement
things and return it to the owner, which leaned over the barrier. The only thing Megan was a little disappointing
the audience — she refused to pose for a joint with his fans photo.
But Markle apologized so delicately that no one was offended. “I’m so sorry…
much to my regret, we are not allowed to do it…” she said with
an air of embarrassment.

The first appearance of the bride on Prince
the audience was conquered by the British. As told by the people of Nottingham, who happened to communicate with Megan, they found her extremely charming,
surprisingly natural and warm. As noted a couple of older citizens,
Markle reminded them of lady Diana… by the way, already there were those who compare
Megan wife of Prince William — Duchess Catherine, and not in favor
last. Markle find a more direct and friendly and, at the same time,
no less stylish.