Meghan Markle sacrifices career for Prince Harry

Меган Маркл жертвует карьерой ради принца Гарри
The actress is ready to abandon the “role of his life.”

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle


As it became
you know, Meghan Markle, a friend of 33-year-old Prince Harry, prepares to make the fateful decision. She intends to leave
from the series “Force majeure”, which brought her fame. The actress has already announced
the producers that he would not sign a contract for next season. The writers
already working on a new plot twist that would have brought her character Rachel Zane,
the girlfriend of one of the main characters from the series.

In fact,
this decision was given to her hard. Megan plays the role of Rachel’s seventh year. And all
this time Markle has lived in Canada, where they filmed the series. For flying years,
as the actress confessed that the crew had become “her family”. However, it is
and no wonder, because all the people involved in the series, as told Jennifer not only worked
together, but also lived in the same house, rented by the producers. So all they really managed to get close
during this time.The
at least, Markle decided to leave his “family”. She had to make a choice: between “Force majeure”
and her favorite Harry. As a Prince, who after the birth of the children of his brother William
fifth in line to the British throne, can’t move to Canada. So
Megan, if she wants to be with him, you need to move to the UK and forget
about the show.

At Markle is
every reason to see the prospects of her relationship with Harry in the rosy light. As
many people think, Harry in the foreseeable future will make her an offer. This is suggested
and the fact that recently Harry first appeared with Meghan in public
official event — Invictus Games — games for soldiers
victims in the war zones. Moreover, in one of the subsequent
days Harry was invited to his box not only Markle, but also her mother. And many regarded the gesture as the fact that the Prince has decided to submit all his future mother-in-law. In addition, as
say, Harry has some time ago prepared an engagement ring for
his favorite, making it to order and garnished with diamonds, borrowed from
bracelet his late mother Diana.