Меган Маркл посадила принца Гарри на жесткую диету
The grandson of Queen Elizabeth II losing weight for the wedding.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Photo: @kensingtonroyal Instagram

The bride, 33-year-old Prince Harry very seriously approached the process
prepare for their wedding, which will take place on may 19th at Windsor castle. Moreover, Meghan Markle not only she is doing everything to
need to look perfect, she attended and in order to bring in the best form of his beloved

In fact, at an early age Prince a lot
get involved in sports. Besides, his service in the army, too, was for him
excellent “hardening” — physically
plan. But since Harry was discharged (this happened in 2015), he allowed himself a bit
relax. Of course, from time to time he participates in competitions on equestrian Polo with his brother William. But, until recently, it
training was difficult to call it regular. Now Megan has inspired Prince
to work on shape recovery.

In the end, about a month ago Harry started consistently
access to the exclusive gym in West London, where it arrives in
accompanied by one bodyguard. And, according to other visitors of the hall,
the Prince honestly laid out in training.

As told one of the bridesmaids Megan, preparing for
the wedding was not limited to training. Markle decided to adjust the diet and
as Harry and his. Earlier, as claimed by Megan, she, from time to time,
allow yourself to eat something tasty, but not very useful, and preferred
to burn extra calories in the gym. But now Markle strongly “erased” all
food rich in carbohydrates from the diet as well as the groom. Curiously,
this enhanced mode “harmony”, designed by Marc for the beloved, already gave
results. As it became known, Harry dropped almost 4 pounds.