Meghan Markle is preparing for a secret baptism

Меган Маркл готовится к тайному крещению
The bride of Prince Harry follow the example of the Duchess of Cambridge.

Меган Маркл готовится к тайному крещению

Meghan Markle


Meghan Markle, who in may of this year will be
the lawful wife of Prince Harry, before his wedding will have to go still
two ordinances. First, Megan will have the rite of baptism, and
then another, and confirmation. In fact, Markle not well defined in terms
faiths. Her mother Doria — Protestant, father Thomas is an adherent of the Episcopal Church. And
herself Megan, although she was brought up in
Catholic school, Church doesn’t happen often. Meanwhile, Harry — the younger brother of Prince William, which
will one day when he becomes king, to take the place of the head of the Anglican
the Church of Britain. And Harry himself, although he is only fifth in line to the throne,
also, theoretically, may one day become the head of the Church. Therefore the future
the wife of a Prince is obliged to comply with all the requirements according to which he may be married only for professing

Megan will have to decide which version of the rite of baptism, she
choose: would you prefer to plunge into the pool of water completely or Bishop,
to attach it to the sacrament, poured her a bit of sanctified water to
head. As for the site of the ritual, they will be likely to St. Geoge”s Chapel at Windsor castle, where he
will be married to Megan and Harry. None of the two rites outsiders allowed
will not.

We will remind, the Duchess, Catherine, when she was getting married to a Prince
William, too, had to go through the ritual of confirmation. Although, at the time
(this happened in 1982 when she was only 5 months), little Kate
baptized in the Anglican Church, rite of confirmation, as most
British teenagers, she was not.
Therefore, in March 2011, the Bishop of London — Richard Chartes carried out confirmed Kate. The ceremony, held in the chapel at the Palace St. James’s Palace,
then, too, was closed, it
attended only by the members of the Royal family.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry