Meghan Markle is outraged by the following interview father

Меган Маркл возмущена очередным интервью отца
A few days ago the father of Meghan Markle Thomas gave another interview in which has told that her daughter is unhappy in the marriage with the Prince.

Меган Маркл возмущена очередным интервью отца

In the opinion of men, Megan did not look happy. Western tabloids reported that such father’s words deeply hurt the feelings of the Duchess of Sussex, she can’t believe what it says her dad.

Меган Маркл возмущена очередным интервью отца

“Megan is very confused and upset about what is happening. Her heart literally broken. She wants to trust her father, but cannot do so in the circumstances. Megan lives in a fairy tale, she has to put up with many restrictions. The situation with the father is a new grief and a new problem for her,” said the source.

Recall that Thomas wasn’t present at his daughter’s wedding, although at the time it was associated with health problems men.

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