Меган Маркл заставила принца Гарри отступить от королевской традиции
Re-grandson of the Queen is in full swing.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle


Friends of Prince Harry never ceases to amaze what a strong influence on
he has his bride. One gets the impression that for Megan Markle,
Prince is ready for anything. Latest news: Harry
will take part in the traditional annual fun of the Royal family — hunt, which is always organized in the estate of the Queen.

Hunting on the second day of Christmas has become an indispensable event in the Royal
family since time immemorial. The members of the family of Elizabeth, coming to
holidays in the manor Queen Sandringham, this day sure saddle horses from
its stable and they start chasing deer, of which there are bred more
than enough. Hunting is usually attended by Prince William and his wife Duchess
Catherine. Here is Harry, up until this year regularly also joined the ranks of hunters.

This time, however, he strongly
refused. And all because of Megan,
the engagement with which the Prince was announced at the end of November, strongly
endorses this activity: because Markle has positioned itself as an activist movement
defenders of wildlife. By the way, Harry and William, too, has always stood
against the destruction of rare species — first of all, elephants and rhinos. However
this does not prevent them from hunting deer, whose numbers have
to regulate, including, and orderly shooting. But Megan said:
she doesn’t want her beloved was involved in this “bloody fun”. And Harry
surrendered without resistance.

Interestingly, this is not the first concession of the Prince of his beloved. As
it became known, recently decided to give up Smoking too at the request of Megan,
trying to lead a healthy lifestyle. In this, as in the rejection of the hunt,
of course, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. But the friends of Harry are now wondering how far the Prince
ready to go in the quest to please his bride.