Меган Маркл отдохнула в спа-комплексе перед свадьбой

Already on 19 may, Megan Markle will marry Prince Harry, so she fell on very busy days, because there’s so much to prepare for the celebration. To defuse the situation, friends of 36-year-old actress decided to throw her a party in the Spa complex.

The party was held at club Soho Farmhouse near London. The complex covers 400 thousand square meters which includes houses, cottages, swimming pools, cinema, tennis courts, Spa, sauna.

By the way, this isn’t the first time Megan Markle attends this school. She’s already been here with the Prince and is a place they really liked. The first couple introduced each other to their mutual friend Marcus Anderson, Director of the Soho House Group. He, incidentally, became the organizer of this party.

Recall that the wedding planning is in full swing. In the network appeared information about the fact that royals are invited to a celebration not only of loved ones and stars, but of “ordinary people” — representatives of charity organizations, students, honorary citizens and other nationals from across the UK. Explained to Kensington Palace this:

“Prince Harry and miss Meghan Markle want their wedding was so that it could participate as many people as possible. This day will be filled with joy and fun that reflects the values of the bride and groom,” reads the official statement of the Palace.

Just for the wedding, in addition to the basic composition, called 2640 people: 1200 outstanding citizens and honorary citizens of the various counties of great Britain (“from all corners of the country”), 610 employees Windsor castle, 530 employees of the Royal Palace, 200 people of the charities we work with Harry and Megan, and 100 students from local schools.

Of course, all these people are not located in St George’s chapel, where they will exchange wedding vows. The day of the wedding they only have access to the territory of Windsor castle where you can watch the carriage procession of the bride and groom. Has become a well-known choice of cake, the dress, and now Kensington Palace announced on a solemn journey through the streets of Windsor in a carriage.