Меган Маркл не общается с отцом

It seems that the situation with the wedding and the paparazzi significantly influenced the communication Meghan Markle and her father Thomas. After his first interview, father and daughter, not just not talking. It turns out that the Duchess of Sussex’s just afraid to call his father, but why?

Меган Маркл не общается с отцом

The fact that becoming a member of the Royal family, Megan gave up so much, including from disclosure of certain information. But Megan’s father is not stopping and he is ready to talk to the press about much. As reported close to the couple source, this fact stops Markle. She just is afraid to call his father, after all, their conversation may soon become public knowledge. For example, recently, Thomas complained to the community that has not received from her daughter even postcards in honor of the wedding, and then spoke to the scandalous portal TMZ about meeting Queen Elizabeth II: “If the Queen wants to meet with our arrogant and insensitive President, then she has no excuse not to meet me, I’m not so bad.” The words of Thomas very upset Megan.

We will remind, 73-year-old Thomas Markle couldn’t come to the wedding Meghan Markle had been deferred before the operation. To explain and give sincere comments of the incident, Thomas has been on a TV show, where he gave an interview.

“I really wanted to take her to the altar. I was very excited, but ready. However, due to heart problems I could not attend. Megan and Harry were very upset, but they told me to first take care of yourself.
For me it was a great honour that Prince Charles took Megan to the altar. Of course, I was jealous that I was not there, but I want to thank him for it. I think he was pleased to do, as he never had a daughter,” says Thomas about his absence at the wedding.

For the confusion with the paparazzi father Megan also told. “I wanted to change the image, because in the past year I photographed in a very presentable form — like some kind of hermit who lives in Mexico. But I admit that I made a big mistake. I did it not for money but in order to change its image. Megan and Harry were very condescending to me and, of course, forgave me.”

It turns out to not shake too much and not to disclose the identity of the new boyfriend of his daughter, Megan and Thomas decided to name Prince Harry the first letter of his name. While the father of Megan and Harry have not personally met, but, according to Thomas, talked a lot on the phone. “Mostly we talked about politics. Then we talked about how he and Megan met and how happy with each other”.