Meghan Markle decided to spend Thanksgiving with your loved

Меган Маркл решила провести день Благодарения с любимым
Fiancee of Prince Harry moved to London.

Meghan Markle


Meghan Markle is a bit surprised
their fans. The actress, who was born and raised in America instead
to celebrate Thanksgiving, as it should be, with his family, flew to
Britain to the beloved Prince Harry.

Reporters managed to shoot
Megan while shopping. And, interestingly enough, in the first place it
went to Kings rd – South West London, shop beach
goods. Meanwhile, Britain is now quite cool — no wonder Megan got dressed up
in a jacket and jeans, but still covered up on top in a warm scarf. So, most likely, Markle buys all
need to relax in a warm country, where, as suggested by fans
Actresses, she goes with Harry in the new year holidays.

Where the actress will hold
Christmas, is still unknown. The invitation to Sandringham, where, according to tradition,
the Queen meets with the family this holiday and New year, it will get scarce
Lee. Because Harry needs to propose and officially declare
his bride.

Incidentally, as
recently, Megan is almost ready to move to London for permanent residence. How
you know, shooting her in the seventh series of “Force majeure” is almost completed. Now
she can not live in Canada, where they filmed the show, and where she pleases. And actress
come prepared to move. Ready to move overseas even two
beloved dogs, Bogart and gay: she did them all the necessary vaccinations and
withstood the right time. Interestingly, in
Britain Markle wants to move not the one that will carry your beloved mother
Dorey that during svoego last visit to Canada, Prince Harry honoured
honor to be invited into his VIP box at the stadium, which hosted the Invictus Games