Меган Маркл изменила принца Гарри в худшую сторону

Becoming the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle faced with Royal duties and hardships of life in the Palace. Constant stress and adaptation to Royal foundations could not affect the nature and health of wife of Prince. And who lead, and rack up. The former Royal editor Duncan Larcombe, author of a biography of Prince Harry and his good friend, told Page Six about how Harry has changed in a bad way.

It is no secret that Megan leaves her assistants. Some sources report that the staff was just hired for a short period and not in Megan’s case. But the former editor says that everything has a reason. “The staff always thought he was great, but now the two of them all — a headache. They are very demanding. Harry became more irritable and distant from my close circle of employees. He was always very friendly and this behavior is generally not peculiar to him. Most people like Harry, his open heart, his good sense of earthiness and simplicity. He never took himself too seriously, but now and then he changed.”

However, the blame Duncan for Megan doesn’t cast, and says only that the Duchess is hard and it is embedded in the work. “She comprehends his most important role, and tries to put all the power in this work. Yes, it sends important emails to his team at 5 am, but she’s just very enthusiastic. Harry tries to teach her and protect”.

By the way, the former editor of the Royal family also touched upon the recent scandal about discord in the relations of princes Harry and William! it turned out, it is not true. “Harry and William are very close. Just Kensington Palace — it’s such a luxury prison, surrounded by a public Park and half Museum. A home to move Harry and Megan is the only place where they can quietly spend time with your baby and don’t be afraid to be noticed”.

Amid rumors of discord of princes there were also stories about real conflict William! At the Christmas service Megan and Kate came along. I say that Elizabeth II has forced the Duchess to make peace and act diligently for the next family out. And now sources say that Megan fighting with Prince William. The network even provided video proof. The footage of the two Royal couple are heading to the road, Megan is busy talking to Kate and she smiles sweetly. but referring to Prince William, he suddenly begins enthusiastically wiggling his gray scarf, ignoring the Duchess of Sussex.

“William suddenly became interested in his scarf at that moment, when Meg started to talk to him”; “He looked contemptuously at her. I even felt sorry for” — write in the comments.

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