Меган Маркл прозвали «монстром» во дворце

The Palace is now very restless. Meghan Markle not give rest to anyone, had an argument with Kate Middleton and servants. Discussing the recent developments which came from the closed doors of the Royal family and appeared on the network. Markle was brought to tears a pregnant Kate, and brothers she became “cold” to each other. These things will not pass unnoticed: Megan got a rude nickname in the Palace.

“Monster Markle” — so called newly minted Duchess of Sussex in the Palace. Looks like Megan too accustomed to the role of royals and behaves very callous towards the employees and representatives of the Palace. Employees already got enough of the antics of Megan, that they do not hide their indignation from the press: “the Duchess wakes up when in California five in the morning” (circa p.m. London time. — Approx. ed.), writes the instructions and requires their performance”.

In spite of that, Megan continues to perform their duties. Some time Meghan Markle appeared at public events, possibly due to the unstable condition due to the pregnancy. But to retire the former actress is not going and once again delighted fans of the couple a new release. Megan visited the nursing home, although his father and sister persistently ignores. The Duchess feels fine and even joking about my situation.

25th day will be celebrated the Catholic Christmas and create festive atmosphere in a London retirement home Brinsworth House she decided Megan Markle! She talked with staff and inhabitants of the house, former artists. It is so imbued with the atmosphere and get along with the seniors, even made fun of her pregnancy. In a conversation with the 87-year-old Josephine Gordon admitted that he feels great and “very pregnant”. this statement could not fail to bring a smile among the audience and most Markle. Together with the inhabitants of nursing homes Megan built Christmas decorations and other crafts.

Megan is not one of those who will be hard to hide the pregnancy. The Duchess of Sussex chose to exit a tight white mid-length dress with black patterns from the brand, Brock Collection cost slightly more than a thousand dollars, which perfectly emphasized her position. Markle kept a hand on her stomach and stroking it. Psychologists report that this does not show, as stated by the denizens of the Internet, but only a psychological factor. Thus expectant mother calms himself and sets up the connection with the baby. Complements the image of the Duchess of grey coats from Soia&Kyo and suede pumps with high heels by her favorite brand Aquazzura and pink clutch bag.

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