Меган Маркл умоляет отца появиться на свадьбе

The attention of the paparazzi forced the father of Meghan Markle Thomas to remain in the shadows and not take his daughter to the altar. Future wife of Prince Harry just got mad from grief, she really wanted to father appeared at the wedding. She started to beg him to attend the event, but he refuses.

Меган Маркл умоляет отца появиться на свадьбе

“It is obvious that she wants to see his father at the wedding. And the idea that he is not there, its very frustrating”, said a friend of the 36-year-old Megan.

Refused to participate in the marriage of the father Markle because contacted the Agency, which exposed staged photos of the preparation for the wedding. They Thomas Markle shows a caring father, tries on a suit from the tailor sitting in a cafe near the laptop and read the news about the upcoming wedding of his daughter and Prince Harry. For what purpose it was taken, is not known. After lighting the photos Thomas refused to appear at his daughter’s wedding, not to put her in a bad light and no one to embarrass.

“Megan and Prince Harry asking people to leave him alone. They suggested that the father of Megan their help and support until a few weeks ago. He feels a lot of pressure from society. Thomas is a very proud man who wants to be a good father. What is happening now really is a matter of concern couple. Megan and Harry are doing everything to help him,” say insiders.

Not left side and Kensington Palace, commenting on the situation. “This is a deeply personal moment for Meghan Markle. She, along with Prince Harry asks for understanding and respect to Mr. Markle in this difficult situation”, — said in a statement.

While Megan has to persuade his father to appear at the ceremony, her mother gives an interview with Oprah Winfrey. “She had been at the mansion of Oprah Winfrey for more than six hours! The interview will be released, likely before the wedding,” reports the insider.

Megan once said in an interview about his mother Doria Raglan and her struggle for the rights. The daughter she taught to appreciate what has her family. One of the vivid memories of Megan sees the visit with his mother in the slums of Jamaica, where she helped Doria with a charitable purpose. Reglan is a social worker, and assistance to the population is its responsibility. In an interview with Winfrey’s mother Markle will talk about their difficult lives and the education of her daughter. Details of the meeting and Doria Oprah yet, but all believe that the interview will be a sensation! Paparazzi noticed Redlan coming out of Oprah’s mansion in Santa Barbara — in the hands of their mother Meghan Markle carried the gifts, which traditionally receives every guest with Oprah.